Server Rules!

Here are the rules for the server/forum.

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Server Rules!

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General Rules:

- You must respect all Master of Lineage 2 Staff.
- No bug exploiting.
- Do not offend, curse, swear other players.
- Do not spam chat and the private message.
- Do not ask to become a GM.
- Do not beg for adena or items.
- Do not use offending nicknames.
- Do not advertise or sell any items for real money.
- Do not use or even try Walkers or other cheat/hack software.
- Do not kill low level players into low level hunting grounds.


- To play on this server is a priviledge not a right.
- The Admin has the right to change the rules without notifying the players.
- Admin DO NOT help players with their quests, sieges and clan wars, or anything disturbing the players game.
- Admin have the right to check for hacks, restricted items, which includes going through the personal and clan inventory.
- Players are not allowed to ask for personal details to other players or admins.
- The player doesn’t have the right to discuss the Admin’s actions.
- The player doesn’t have the right to use bugs in the map, to fight monsters that cannot fight back due to this bugs.
- If you find someone who broke the rules, please contact any Admin immediately with proof of evidence.


– If you lose your password or the account, or they get changed by someone else, we do not carry responsibility for that so they will not be restored.
- Admin DO NOT give back money, items or skills lost due to bugs in the server, restart or crash.


* 1st attempt : WARNING and/or possible mute!
* 2nd attempt : Jail/Character delete
* 3rd attempt : Permanent BAN and IP BAN.

Ways to get banned without warning, do not try them!
1. Advertising.
2. Overloaded cursing among another person.
3. Exploiting.
4. Macro/3rd party program.

To play on this server you agree to the terms above.