Update Changelog [17.01.2019]

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Update Changelog [17.01.2019]

Post by CostyKiller » 17 Jan 2019 16:30

- Missing drop for Pagan Temple doors keys.
- Day/Night effects implementation.

- NoSummonFriendZone for Grand Raid Boss Baium.
- Debuff Effects Deadly Poison(6815) & Deadly Bleed(6816) from monsters in
Dragon Valley.
- Target Of Opportunity quest link to enter the tower.
- Chapel Key to open Altar Doors.
- AirShipGludioGracia.
- Some items not consumed(Scroll: Valakas Call & Scroll: Antharas Call).
- Potential item exploit.
- Potential exploits with attribute stones.

- Falling Damage disabled.
- Nevit System.

- Feather of Blessing from voice cmd .openagift

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