[FF] Update Changelog [15.05.2020]

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[FF] Update Changelog [15.05.2020]

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Fixed Earth Wyrm ring crystallization.
Fixed Greater jewels set skills.
Fixed sending message when leaving combat zone.
Fixed cloak equip for elite members.
Fixed Vitality consume with one mob.

Updated check geodata Z correction for monsters only.
Updated buffs duration on all Iss that match comm board ones.
Updated Fafurion Raid.
Updated ranking board moved title from header to page.
Updated prices for pets section in gmshop.

Added Blood Alliance drop with low chance at level 99+ mobs.
Update Blood Alliance item to be tradeable, storeable.
Added exchange for 10,100,1000 Blood Alliance at Clan Traders.

Removed all clan missions with id 0 from database.
Replaced Legendary dyes from shop with the other ones tradeable.
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