Newbie help please

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Newbie help please

Post by harley_quinn »

I am new to the server and I am hoping someone can help me figure a couple of things out. I am trying to make a dual class and I'm not sure how to do it on this server. Everything else happens automatically or has been super easy to find. So how do I make a dual class?
Also, I'd like to level up my clan, but I am having issues figuring that out too.
Thanks for any help!
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Re: Newbie help please

Post by Saint77 »

Dual class - you need to be 81-85 with 3rd class done and not awakened. Talk to Hadel in ruin sagira lvl 1and finish Split destiny quest. After you finish it and have lvl 85, awaken and you can lvl your dual above 85. Shout in game for questions.
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