Update Changelog [04.11.2018]

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Update Changelog [04.11.2018]

Post by CostyKiller » 04 Nov 2018 13:00

- Voiced command for exchange AA (.makeaa/.aa).
- Reward multiplier for quest HandleWithCare.
- Custom instance Seer Ugoros from HandleWithCare quest.
- Athena Event Engine (TvT, CtF, DM).

- Community board warehouse.
- Temp fix for debuff issue(DVC).
- Instance auto-destroy time 30 sec after you finish it.

- Hellbound Teleporter, added 4 new locations.
- Large Dragon Bone drop amount to 20x, chance was already 20x.
- Raidbosses drop.
- Rework enemy only target type.

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