Update Changelog [02.12.2018]

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Update Changelog [02.12.2018]

Post by CostyKiller » 02 Dec 2018 05:12

- Auto Goldbar script after 50 bilions adena.
- Missing H5 clan skills.
- New location on HB Teleporter - Tower of Infinitum.
- Missing spawnlist for H5 Treasure Chests.
- Fast town teleports .dion/.giran/.aden, etc.

- Battle Roar, Body of Avatar will not work(stack and heal) with Improved Condition, Condition of Pa'agrio.
- Elemental Protection and Chant of Elements same stack type(will override each other).

- Beleth script.
- When party leader leaves party, next member in party will be the leader.

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