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Post by Tyr » 11 Jan 2019 18:30


Have you thought about making some improvements to summoners?
I mean, you know how it is right now - they're useless, when most of us playing at maxed enchant.
Summons are simply now getting strength accordingly to enchants.
My proposition is: maybe add some buff that could be used in order to empower our servitors (p.atk, p.def, crit rate, atk spd, attributes) by fixed rate/ % / by % of master enchants or something like that.
This buff would be disabled in olympiad games of course.
I know there already exist buff (servitor share or something like that) however... it's not strong enough to meet our features.

What do you think? Or any alternative solutions?

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Re: Summoners

Post by CostyKiller » 13 Jan 2019 00:45

I will have to check in order to make some changes, maybe I will change that buff.

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