[FF] Update Changelog [06.11.2019]

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[FF] Update Changelog [06.11.2019]

Post by CostyKiller » 08 Nov 2019 14:04

Adjusted RB Skill Limit Barrier to 10 hits.
Added Crystallization of R99/R110 Equipment missing items.
Fixed some quests that were unable to finish even if you had all items.
Artifact item related additions.
Addition of Crystal Cavern instances.
Addition of quest BasicMissionFairySettlementEast
Addition of quest BasicMissionIsleOfSouls.
Adjustments for quest RetrievingTheChaosFragment.
Addition of quest The Superion Giants (792).
Prevent pulling debuff blocked characters.
Addition of quest Shinedust Extraction
Prohibit sending a packet when blowfish is not initialized.
Players with no mastery can only have one cubic.
Cubic and various skill adjustments.
Addition of quest Superion Appears
Fixed quest Exploring the Dimension – 30-day Search Operation
Shield Block and other skill adjustments.
Removed MP consume from Paulina’s ranged weapons.
Addition of Cyrax raidboss skills.
Addition of missing Goddard Adventure Guildsman spawn.
Updated Underground and Land of Chaos area spawns.

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