[FF] Update Changelog [18.11.2019]

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[FF] Update Changelog [18.11.2019]

Post by CostyKiller » 18 Nov 2019 12:45

Removed gmshop and coin shop npcs spawns.
Added God Accessory System (drops,exchange,etc).
Added Community Board Coins Shop.
Disabled RB Skill Limit Barrier.
Artifact item related additions.
Fixed free teleport bookmark slot conditions.
Addition of quest A Sword Hidden in a Smile
Fixed Shield Boomerang
Fixed capturing holy artefact under the shrine.
Retail teleport location for Zenya.
Fixed eternal craft boxes.
Various skill adjustments.
Fixed Zealot of Shilen guards not attacking.
Adjustment for Avenger’s Frenzy skill.
Updated Moe and Eeny.
Dwarf buff, fake death, Noble Sacriface target and Shadow Evasion fixes.
Exchange Shadow Weapon type multisell for Neti.
Correct mechanics for Protection of Faith skill.
Poison Swamp, Istina Swamp and Clone Attack skill adjustments.
Updated Paulina’s Helios weapons.
Fixed Aaru flag location.
Paulina’s Eternal item adjustments.
Clone Attack improvements.
Addition of Red Potion effect.
Fixed Legendary Dye 10-unit Box +4 +5 items.
Fixed augmentation skills were not removed from accessories.
Water and Swamp zones should not broadcast info on teleport.
Monster aggro range and skill corrections.
Update siege flags when fort owner loses fort.
Show completed level up missions.
Addition of dailyReset mission parameter.
Skill sublevel and various adjustments.
Only clan leaders can pick combat flags during fort siege.
Proper maximum level for quests 10395 and 10707.
Fixed SummonEffectTable concurrency problem.

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