[FF] Update Changelog [13.12.2019]

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[FF] Update Changelog [13.12.2019]

Post by CostyKiller » 13 Dec 2019 20:25

Updated Coins Shop to V2.
Added Happy Holidays Event.
Various agathion additions.
Skill reuse delay groups for agathions.
Level condition corrections for quests Q00763_ADauntingTask and Q00902_ReclaimOurEra.
Little Wing quest should not reward two flutes.
Various skill mechanic changes.
Fixed character auto save task.
Store all characters upon disconnection.
Fixes for various skills.
Fixed Grand Soul Cry and Chaos Symphony.
Improvements for Shadow Hide and Fairy of Life.
Pets should be affected by weapon specific buffs.
Fixed learning Clan Specialty level 6.
Various skill adjustments.
Addition of Hurricane Shackle forgotten parameter.
Addition of missing Tuska (33839) spawn.
Fixed items enchanted by specific scrolls.
Proper friend pc affectObject adjustments.
Addition of quest Memories of the Wind (931).
Fixed targets for Provoke Aura and Noble Sacrifice skills.
Addition of quest 932 and 931, 10832 changes.
Monster aggression fix.
Fixed Raider’s Crossroads Guards status.
Fixed Fairy of Life cubic.
Proper affectObject for Melody of Refection.
Fixed Crier’s Harmony 70% Critical Damage.
Changed Orichalcum Arrow P. Atk crossbow to bow.
Fixed augment options 13600-13699.
Fantasy Isle spawn adjustments.
New way to show NPC level and aggression ([A] - Aggro / [G] - Group).
Support for combining stackable items.
Addition of quests 743, 924, 10540 and 10849.
Fixed level requirement for quest 10856.
Addition of quest Captive Demons (842).
Shadow Hide cancel for debuff and skill attacks.
Quest 823 correction and addition of missing NPCs in enchanted valley.
Addition of Irene and Celestiel dialogs.
Proper owner restart point for Silver Manor.
Prevent RequestTargetActionMenu targeting untargetable creatures.
Prevent RequestTargetActionMenu when player is targeting disabled.
Check faction level for Celestiel teleports.

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