[FF] Update Changelog [31.12.2019]

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[FF] Update Changelog [31.12.2019]

Post by CostyKiller » 31 Dec 2019 15:22

Another possible fix for Party Solidarity.
Fixed Scroll: Enchant Angel Accessory.
Updated Santa Trainee spawns.
Added Community Board Server Info.
Added Community Board Warehouse.
Added Community Board Events list.
Added my teleport flag to gmshop.
Fixed Sayha's Talisman compound.
Two handed bonus mode additions and various skill fixes.
Addition of various quests:
- Giant's Treasure
- Kamael Disarray To Retbach
- Giant's Evolution Cause of failed evolution
- Energy Supply Cutoff Plan Defeat Halisha's Henchman
- Kamael's Technological Advancement
- Declaration of War
- Secret Teleport
- At a New Place
Fixed possible data loss on character disconnection on double login.
OnAttackableKill should trigger when killer is a player symbol or trap.
Addition of new fish baits.
Fixed Pa’agrio’s Blessing item.
Updated sagittarius class balance.

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