[FF] Update Changelog [07.01.2020]

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[FF] Update Changelog [07.01.2020]

Post by CostyKiller » 09 Jan 2020 15:42

Updated coins shop to V3
- Updated Coin Shop view
- Added Circlets, Hats, Hair Accs, Masks to Event Coins (Gold Einhasad)
- Moved Char Edit to gm shop

Fixed aggressive minions after respawn.
Addition of Wizard’s Harmony Rune Stone requirement.
Fixed wrong stats for P. Def and P. Atkfor some artifacts.
Fixed Agathion Babayaga.

Addition of quests:
- Changes in the Shadow of the Mother Tree
- What the Thread of the Past Shows
- Plans to Repair the Stronghold
- Bloody Battle - Seizing Supplies
- The Mother Tree Revival Project

Addition of Devianne and Leona spawns.
Addition of Freya’s Ice Rose.
Proper visual effect for different jewel stages.
Addition of Rodemai’s Rune.
Red Cat’s Eye should not be clan depositable.
Addition of npc Razen (33803).
Fixed transformations for Blade, Punishment, Wailing of Splendor.
Addition of Monastic Crusader (22123) minions.

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