[FF] Update Changelog [23.01.2020]

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[FF] Update Changelog [23.01.2020]

Post by CostyKiller » 23 Jan 2020 04:25

Fixed castle light and darkness cloaks for elite members.
Fixed clan members limit by level.
Fixed bonus stats for Radiant Light and Cold Darkness cloaks.
Updated Isabella stats, drop and minions stats.
Fixed equipment appearance stones not working for R110 grade.
Fixed accessory restoration stone not working.
Added missing crystal count on god jewels.
Increased drop chance for Greater synthetic cokes and Exquisite synthetic cokes.
Fixed Maphr’s Rune items.
Enchant HP bonuses for R110.
Adjustments for Sea of Spores monsters.
Fixed restoring experience gain prohibition.
Addition of Attack packet soulshot visual substitute.
Paulina’s Support Box rework.
Helios NPC template adjustments.
Addition of missing Lavasillisk minions.

Fixes for quests:
- Seven Signs Girl of Doubt.
- Odd Happenings At Dragon Valley.
- In Search Of An Ancient Giant quest item count.
- Basic Mission Isle of Souls.

Addition of quests:
- More Aggressive Operation.
- With All Your Might.
- Thread of Fate Hanging on the Mother Tree.
- Key to the Refining Process.
- Odd Happenings At Dragon Valley.
- Revenge, One Step at a Time.
- Uncovering the Conspiracy.
- Basic Mission: Seal of Shilen.
- The Strong in the Closed Space.
- Visit the Adventure Guild.
- Show Your Ability.
- Toward A Goal.

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