[FF][FIXED] Quest: Winds of Fate: A promise

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[FF][FIXED] Quest: Winds of Fate: A promise

Post by voronius »

I'm just reporting bugs i found.
link here : https://l2wiki.com/Winds_of_Fate:_A_Promise
Tested on ertheia fighter lvl 84 Fighter version.

On our server this quest stops for me when talking to Karla.
It should send me to the npc in Rune and activate that npc.
I've been the but he doesn't want to talk with me.
Image here :

I click that and nothing happens, no new dialog opens and quest doesn't advance.
So i'm gonna pay for it, but the paulina dynasty jewel set is nice to have so it's a shame to lose that ...

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Re: quest: Winds of Fate: A promise

Post by CostyKiller »

I will check it, thanks for report.