[FF] Update Changelog [26.02.2020]

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[FF] Update Changelog [26.02.2020]

Post by CostyKiller » 26 Feb 2020 02:33

Addition of Monster Race with reward system.
Capped damage taken by attacks effect to 80%.
Prevent addition of existing skills on item equip.
Fixed quest Hatchling Research.
Adjustments for quest Hunter Guild Members Knowledge.
Final Emperial Tomb improvements.
Removed some flawed geodata.
Prevent SiegeGuards AI onKill error.
Prevent skill cast while having Rocky Camouflage.
Store sub certificate count in player variables.
Maximum momentum stat set to 1 by default.
Fixed two hand crossbow resistance issues.
Various skill changes.
Various item changes.
Provoke Aura related adjustments.
Level check for player rewardMonsterBook method.
Adjustments for pledge class XML values.
KnockBack effect addition to Elemental Crash.

Level corrections for quests:
- 1000YearsTheEndOfLamentation
- TheRoleOfAWatcher
- StrangeThingsAfootInTheValley

Addition of quests:
- Basic Training for Hunter Guild Member
- Knowledgeable Hunter Guild Member
- Fight with Giants
- Sabotage the Embryo Supplies
- Final Embryo Apostle
- Bloody Battle - Meeting the Commander
- Intense Fight against Dragon
- Path to Finding the Past
- Embryo the Archenemy
- Beleth' Ambition
- Special Mission: Nornil’s Garden
- Special Mission: Nornil's Cave
- Head-on Crash
- Basic Mission: Silent Valley
- Special Mission: Kartia’s Labyrinth

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