[FF] Update Changelog [04.03.2020]

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[FF] Update Changelog [04.03.2020]

Post by CostyKiller » 04 Mar 2020 03:28

Added blacksmith exchange augmentation spirit stones r110.
Added blacksmith exchange soul crystal coupon for Kain's or Mermoden's Soul Crystals.
Increased compound chance of venir and sayha talismans.
Activated permanently tarrot cards event, tickets are sold in coin shop at event coins section.
Added fancy fishing rod at fishing guild members.
Added Shilen's/Seven Signs/Lilith/Anakim Soul Crystals Stage 10 on coin shop at vote coins section.
Added jewel ticket at event coins section on coin shop (for brooch and jewels exchange at npc shadai).
Added Legendary Cloaks augmentation effects.
Added Legendary Cloaks on donation coins shop.
Added Legendary Cloaks enchant scrolls on event coins shop.
Added Savior's Mask and the enchant on event coins shop.
Added Warrior, Wizard and Knight Circlets and their enchants on event coins shop.
Added Leona's Scroll Buff, Valiant Scrolls, Freya's Art of Seduction, Freya's Bloody and Freya's Dark Rune, Maphr's Rune on event coins shop.
Fixed Moe Exchange a hair accessory enhanced with pendants for Sealed Pendant.

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