[FF] Update Changelog [24.07.2020]

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[FF] Update Changelog [24.07.2020]

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Added missing chance drop rate for some epic jewels (Earth Wyrm, Istina, Octavis, Tauti, Lindvior).

Fixed Flag of Protection quest id check.
Fixed olympiad double registration for same player.
Fixed unstuck timer config.
Fixed kill condition check for quest Facing Sadness.
Fixed shots getting disabled when teleporting to olympiad.
Fixed and improved and SiegeGuard related behaviors.
Fixed olympiad buffers respawning occasionally.
Fixed summons and NPCs having 0 mcrit rate.
Fixed lag coming from siege guards during siege.
Fixed negative healing when player has limiting effects.

Updated Antharas and Baium prevent from moving during intros.
Updated Drop system increase item qty when chance is over 100% to apply only for normal monsters.
Updated Master Yogi wrong coord spawns.
Updated Master of Enchanting event reward list.
Updated Flag of Protection restriction only for siege participants.

Removed the buff effect from Fast Run when dismounting.

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