[H5] Update Changelog [24.07.2020]

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[H5] Update Changelog [24.07.2020]

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Added missing rewards for quest Forgotten Truth.
Added Vesper masterwork amor sets.
Added beleth clone to champion exclusion list.

Fixed reward for quest Aiding the Floran Village.
Fixed buff with herb stacking exploit.
Fixed Antharas and Baium prevent from moving during intros.
Fixed bypass and spawns for quest Pavel’s Last Research.
Fixed quest Into the Dark Elven Forest (47) wrong bypass.
Fixed Eilhalder von Hellmann spawn.
Fixed html bypass name for quest Iconic Trinity.
Fixed starting quest Tragedy in Von Hellmann Forest.
Fixed and improved and SiegeGuard related behaviors.
Fixed summons and NPCs having 0 mcrit rate.
Fixed lag coming from siege guards during siege.
Fixed hero issues and minor code cleanup.
Fixed raidboss random instant spawn.
Fixed Dust Dragon Petrify consecutive cast.
Fixed CL Spoil.
Fixed Geodata Z correction for monsters only.
Fixed Send message when leaving combat zone.

Updated Boss damage zones.
Updated Petrify Skill activate rate to 30%.
Updated drop system to increase item qty if chance is over 100%.
Updated Kamael Island Black Wolf spawns.

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