[H5] Drop/Spoil Improvements

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[H5] Drop/Spoil Improvements

Post by Sauron »

Hi. The current drop/spoil system in the server is very strange. For example, when i play servers with the current rate of drop/spoil, i always spoil 4-6 coarse bone powder from Gigant Confessor, in Branded Catacomb. Here i'm getting 1. Same with Porta, in Cruma Tower, i always get 20-40 cord. Here i'm getting 1-2. And it happens with all the mats. No matter the drop chance mul, the amount is always 1 or 2.

Another problem is the limitation of itens to get on the spoil list. I was trying to get some mats, but only spoil 2 differents itens each time i sweep the monster, and it takes a long time to get the mats i need.

If possible, make these changes to improve only enough to don't be so bored farming. Thanks in advance.

Edit: Another possible change its reduce the prices of mats on the shop. It's impossible to pay for example 850kk for 1k of Crafted Leather, since only one click in the chest will cost 700 CL with 60% success rate.
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Re: [H5] Drop/Spoil Improvements

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1. Drop system is good, the droplist is retail like, other servers might have drop amount multiplier, we use only chance multiplier.

2.Current limit is this:
DropMaxOccurrencesNormal = 4
DropMaxOccurrencesRaidboss = 8

3.Prices were made like that to avoid buying the items cheaper then sell them.
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