[POW] Update Changelog [22.10.2020]

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[POW] Update Changelog [22.10.2020]

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Added Denign exchange for god accessories to be able to upgrade them.
Added 2 minutes reuse to Baylor invincibility skill.

Fixed Daily Mission party member minimum level check for rewards.
Fixed respawn issue with TimakOrcTroopLeader minion spawns.
Fixed passive skill Magic Potential (that should increase the max m.crit but it increase the m.crit itself).
Fixed Mammon Merchant Guard Agathion links.
Fixed upgrading a God Accessory that is higher than Stage 1, if you fail then the previous version will be returned (enchant value is lost both ways).
Fixed Vital Stone, Garnet and Tanzanite boxes from Shadai.

Updated Halloween Festival Event.
Updated Step Up quest requirements to 30 Chat Shouts (as game description says).
Updated Ranking System (rank order by exp and online time).

Removed Mana Potion restriction with skills type Mana Shield (HP potions with same behavior exists).
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