[POW] Update Changelog [03.12.2020]

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[POW] Update Changelog [03.12.2020]

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Added Saviors Path Quests.
Added Ceremony of Chaos additional checks.
Added TvT Event reward announce on start.
Added Ancient Cloaks and Legendary Cloaks augmentation data.

Fixed alternative exalted quests starting if main quest is not on alternative way condition.
Fixed autohunt (Prevent auto attacking while moving).
Fixed loosing mentor coins from mails at server restart.
Fixed Private Workshop message assignment.
Fixed Freya instance from Mystic Tavern party teleports, and enter checks for party leader.
Fixed Kaliel Bracelet and Greater Kaliel Bracelet max enchanting more than 5.

Updated Confronting a Giant Monster quest.
Updated Happy Holidays event rewards.
Updated Items with appearance to be non droppable.
Removed some Rune double spawns.
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