[H5] Update Changelog [06.01.2021]

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[H5] Update Changelog [06.01.2021]

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Added teleport summons with player revive.
Added retail Servitor Share implementation.

Fixed using summon stop and attack actions increasing attack speed.
Fixed respawn issue with TimakOrcTroopLeader minion spawns.
Fixed permanently store item owner in ItemInstance.
Fixed private Workshop message assignment.
Fixed probable Hero diaryEntry error.
Fixed items with life time instantly expiring.
Fixed raidboss vitality consumption configuration.
Fixed full inventory prevent when getting talismans from Castle Court Magician.
Fixed some cb warehouse errors.
Fixed some cb buffer errors.
Fixed HB Teleporter spawn coords.
Fixed Porta monster callSkill failed warning.
Fixed probable monster race duplicate entry warning.
Fixed quest Grim Collector.

Updated siege hours to 20:00.
Updated smaller hit range when the target is moving.
Updated using skills with shift or /useskillstand auto attack should not be executed.
Updated using items while jailed is prohibited.
Updated entering combat with self damage skills is prohibited.
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