[POW] Update Changelog [08.01.2021]

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[POW] Update Changelog [08.01.2021]

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Added AutoUse Settings Holder.
Added inventory under 80% check at Tarot Card Event.
Added DragonWeaponDefence effect.
Added reputation score to coc true hero’s clan.
Added proper requirement checks for Chamber of Prophecies.
Added Agathion Evolution Stone to vote coins shop at Zodiac Lv1 section.
Added Red Starlight Jar to event coins shop at Items section.
Added db store for last level that mentee was rewarded.
Added Weapon trait bonus calculation should be capped at 78% reduction.

Fixed bonus exp message not showing when you have max sp or you are in party.
Fixed non Orc mage classes do not auto hit when mana is over 5%.
Fixed Karma config not loaded for teleporting from button.
Fixed Savior Path first quest conditions and Leona message not closing.
Fixed Savior quests start conditions.

Updated skilltree data previous class unlearn on all times.
Updated Kaliel protection should be a trigger skill.
Updated exchanging, depositing and weight item values.
Updated Weapon Mastery skills.
Updated Agathion related stuff.
Updated do not apply unequip skill for secondary agathions.
Updated AutoUseTaskManager peace zone logic to enable skill casting in starting areas.
Updated prohibit teleporting when blocked by effect.
Updated prohibit mages from auto attacking.
Updated calculation for blow damage formulas.
Updated auto play prevent while skill casting.
Updated dead players should not be able to teleport.
Updated respectful hunting for servitors.
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