[HOM] Update Changelog [04.03.2021]

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[HOM] Update Changelog [04.03.2021]

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Added Agathion Evolution Stone to Vote Coins Items Section.
Added Benusta Shining Reward box to Baylor, Nightmare Kamaloka, Ashen Shadow Revolutionaries instances.
Added exchange for enchanted Ruler's Authority on Ilia and Mulia clan traders.
Addition of ConditionPlayerCanTakeCastle range checks.

Fixed pull effect broadcast validateposition to owner.
Fixed Paulina item packages 30 day from Game Assistant.
Fixed aether drop count reset everyday at 6:30.
Fixed Tiat NPE caused by empty players.
Fixed Story of Tauti seal archangel NPE.
Various skill fixes, including the caster only buff for Spirit of Iss.
Adjustments and fixes for low level story line quests.

Updated retail like Santiago fisherman trade htmls.
Updated Retail like Blackbird Campsite npcs htmls and multisells.

Reverted back to l2j geoengine.
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