[HOM] Update Changelog [15.03.2021]

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[HOM] Update Changelog [15.03.2021]

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Added Throne of Heroes Instances.
Added Roiental AI.
Added autocorrect buylist and multisell prices when lower than sell price.
Added Blessed Scroll: Enchant Artifact Book drops on Primeval Isle mobs.
Added npc Mulia back in Rune.
Added missing 2 hours duration on some buffs.

Fixed Tower of Insolence's Prolongation Stone not usable after level 120.
Fixed Anniversary Talisman.
Fixed climbing walls and stuck inside water.
Fixed double potion or elixir skill durations due to skill mastery.
Fixed custom npc titles.
Fixed hero skills being given to subclasses.
Fixed players falling in textures when being pulled.
Fixed direct target following only for playables.
Fixed avoid triggering skills on invalid targets.
Fixed abort casting when player dies.
Fixed characters reaching targets with less speed.
Fixed next target not working sometimes.
Fixed climbing walls and stuck inside water.
Fixed old time extend stones from last event not working.

Updated calculate total party damage for rewards.
Updated increased spawn z values to fix spawn zone issues.
Updated Resurrection should not be possible in siege zones.
Updated Aden Treasure Chest & Shining Aden Treasure Chest to be tradeable, dropable.
Updated angel jewelries item drops with item boxes.

Removed Fated Support Box from new characters inventory.
Removed Angel jewelry from Donation Shop.
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