[H5] Update Changelog [27.04.2021]

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[H5] Update Changelog [27.04.2021]

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Added instant teleporting methods used for skills.
Added additional door checks when moving.
Added script spawned NPCs to instance world.

Fixed unregister olympiad combatants on logout.
Fixed Disarm should re-equip item after effect ends.
Fixed attackables should be able to see and move to target.
Fixed title length for players.
Fixed losing target with instant teleport.
Fixed prevent players from flagging in PvP zones.
Fixed concurrency issues with shortcuts.
Fixed initial aggro value should be 0.
Fixed Sanctum of the Lord of Dawn return points.

Updated Geoengine.
Updated Broadcast movement and social action packets when region is active.
Updated do not correct Z of certain monsters.
Updated Proper territory spawn z values provided by zone form.
Updated better way to check if player is over water while dismounting.
Updated keep track of inactive regions to prevent object creations.
Updated Inventory methods.
Updated Auto spawn handler.
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