[HOM] Update Changelog [10.05.2021]

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[HOM] Update Changelog [10.05.2021]

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Added Saviors path quests.
Added Angel jewel boxes into Aden's Treasure Chest and Shining Aden's Treasure Chest.
Added Fallen Emperor Throne instance and chat option to enter at Kekropus in Giran.
Added Etina Solo instance.
Added Lionel Hunter AI.
Added additional unequip check for shields.

Fixed instances reset on 18:30 instead of 6:30.
Fixed instances reset and requirements from npc Bellra.
Fixed Disarm should re-equip item after effect ends.
Fixed Disable auto use on shortcut removal.
Fixed Title length for players.
Fixed Attackables should be able to see and move to target.
Fixed ExAutoPlaySettingSend proper long range value.
Fixed Get nearest index for LoS calculation.
Fixed concurrency issues with shortcuts.
Fixed limit zone entry.
Fixed ToH instances rb respawn on reenter.
Fixed hunting zone remaining time display.
Fixed online time should not increase while in offline shop mode.
Fixed Life Cubic should not try to heal dead targets.
Fixed Race skills are given from starting class.
Fixed incorrect check for containsKey at saveHeroMessage method.
Fixed some wrong AM/PM Hour setting.

Updated l2j geoengine.
Updated olympiad unregister combatants on logout.
Updated Tomb Raiders quest.
Updated artifact enchanting.
Updated Game assistant circlet exchange.
Updated exalted quests notifications.
Updated Atelia Refinery Ai's Teleporter and Leona.
Updated stats for Fallen Emperor Throne instance rb and mobs.
Updated auto play tasks.
Updated world to keep track of inactive regions to prevent object creations.
Updated olympiad prevent players from attacking before the countdown ends.
Updated mages autoplay to move to target when out of range.
Updated ammunition equip.
Updated Inventory methods.
Updated Hp effect prohibited use on raids.
Updated giant’s scrolls.

Removed unnecessary check from equip items.
Removed hunting time as needed.
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