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Exploit ToH Instance

Post by CostyKiller »

Today when I verified the logs I noticed that many chars used a bug in throne of heroes instances to spawn raids again and again using reenter.

So as solution not to ban all chars who used the exploit, I will remove the items that were farmed in those instances from all players.
It doesn't matter if they were using the exploit or not.

In special the Artifact Crystal and Crystal of Dyes, as I've seen huge amounts on some characters.

List of Removed items from database:

- Storm Isle's Time Stone
- Primeval Isle's Time Stone
- Golden Altar's Time Stone
- Crystal of Dyes
- Artifact Crystal
- Selenite
- Rune Stone
- Improved Rune Stone
- Sealed Talisman of Insanity
- Angel's Ring +6 Pack
- Angel's Earring +6 Pack
- Angel's Necklace +6 Pack
- Angel's Earring +8 Pack
- Angel's Necklace +8 Pack
- Angel's Ring +8 Pack
- Fallen Angel's Ring +9 Pack
- Sayha's Talisman Pack Lv. 9
- Ultimate Luxurious Jewelry Box Lv. 5

Next time be sure you report bugs to avoid these kind of actions from me.
I do not tolerate bug exploits.
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Re: Exploit ToH Instance

Post by Saint77 »

Sealed talisman insanity ... drop rate from ToH its 0.005 .... with all the bug exploits ... you cannot have it from ToH ... But lots of ppl have and save them from tarot.
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Re: Exploit ToH Instance

Post by Dracojoe »

too much work for you and you seen softness by aplyin rules in my opinion Ban All
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